Monday, October 1, 2012

Lori Returns in Living Color! Part III

OH MY GOD! I'm turning into Chaykin. I completely forgot to mention my co-creator Pete Ventrella in this space. That's unforgivable!  Pete's writing really brought a life and a resonance to all those characters- he's not a man easily forgotten, but one who should be truly appreciated.

So here's the final installment of Lori In Living Color!  The  lagniappe this week will be the Voodoo Mansion short, "A Rose By Any Other Name."  And yes, the zombie Horatio was modeled after yours truly, however he's looking much younger these days that I am…. but then he lives with a microbiologist who is constantly recharging his vital fluids. Or maybe I draw him better than whoever is drawing me.

On the slate for the next blog is  about a piece on the most underrated cartoonist in the business: Leonard Starr. When you don't draw superheroes people tend to gloss over your work.And shortly after that I've a Bob McGinnis tribute planned with 40 never before seen pencil roughs of some of his paperback covers.



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  1. So you thought you'd slip McGinnis and Starr in the blog and see if anyone noticed...well I did and want to say thanks again for the Lori strips