Friday, April 3, 2015

UPDATE 4/3/15

A  few weeks back I gave a talk to a group of second graders as a favor to my neighbor who is one of those dedicated and indispensable group of first rate citizens knows as teachers. The afternoon at the school was an absolute joy. The enthusiasm of the students, the respectful way I was treated, and their response to my presentation was the highlight of my week.

And the best was yet to come. A few days later my neighbor Nida showed up with a stack of hand drawn, comic book  oriented thank you notes. They are priceless, and too good not to share. Here a few of them.

And once again, here’s a shout out to the real heroes serving our country: schoolteachers!

Mad Mummy #6 gets sent off exclusively to the online publisher iVerse this week. Here a few pages for a sample preview. It was really great fun working on this one. Also, the earlier issues are now also available on Comixology. Here are links to both locations. Just head to the site and type in Mad Mummy (or AV Publishing) in “Search” and check out one (or more) of our issues.



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