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There were twelve issues in the Mad Mummy series, which I spent a little over two years working on. They were published digitally and you can find them on sale at iVerse. ( one point they were also available on Comixology, but I’ve pulled them off the latter for unrelated reasons. Currently I am planning on a very limited print run of the series, which will be broken up into a series of three graphic novels. 

This is not a commercial venture, as I have long since learned the folly of trying to sell books as an independent publisher. For selfish reasons, rather than rushing to computer every time I want to look at one of the issues, I want to be able to view and hold the finished product in my hand and stick it on a shelf in my library. So my initial motivation is to print up a limited number for my own use. I also need a limited number of issues to be able to hand out to publishers and for business reasons. From time to time I also get requests from fans wanting to know if there is a print edition of the books, so I’m also offering to any of you who are interested.

Here's a preview of the first volume of Mad Mummy and the first four issue it contains:

Mad Mummy 01- Resurrection

Cursed to spend eternity roaming the world , Aten Ra, the Mad Mummy is just trying to find a little peace and quite in the suburbs of LA, but 3350 years later the reincarnations of his two old girlfriends are still making his life miserable.

Mad Mummy 02 - She Who Walks in Beauty

Cursed to wander the world for eternity, high priest Aten Ra is now try to make the best of it enjoyed the sunshine and living in a quiet section of LA. Then the reincarnation of Nefertiti, the woman who destroyed his life, shows up. Some guys just can't catch a break.

A relaxing day at Malibu Beach takes a twisted turn when Adam discovers the reincarnation of his former lover and betrayer Queen Nefertiti is one of the cuties playing volleyball on the sand. Adam recalls his former life in a flashback sequence, and ponders whether his future in LA will ever be peaceful again.

Mad Mummy 03 - Pawns in the Game

When a cabal of military, business and political men attempt to evict the Harperlys and the Mad Mummy, Adam Ray, from his current LA residence he goes on the offensive. 
This wild conspiracy results in Adam Ray’s landlady Agnes Harperly and her kids Jeb and Jean in danger of losing their home and livelihood. When Adam confronts the reincarnation of his estranged wife Ankesenamun it is no surprise when he discover that HE is actually the target of this cabal. The army, the city, and the corporation are about to find out just how annoyed a mad mummy can get.It's not nice to mess with a Mad Mummy! 28 pages in full color.

MM04- War of the Wizards

Learning how to exist as a living corpse with rotting flesh is one of the first things Aten Ra must deal with when released from the tomb where he has been imprisoned for a century. So he turns to the feared necromancer, Ragmar, and is soon dragged into a battle with the wizard’s rival, the beautiful and wicked Kshayla. A mad-eyed wizard, a slinky sorceress, a sword battle with savage apes…and one immortal mummy just trying to keep things together.
Action and magic galore in this flashback into Adam Ray’s past.

Because both the costs of printing and shipping are outrageously expensive, even offering this product at slightly above cost doesn’t always make it affordable to readers. Each of the three 92 page volumes will run $15, plus an additional $7 postage/handling.(Postage for  orders outside the U.S. will have to be calculated differently.) I thought about lowering the shipping cost by sending the material Media Mail instead of priority, but tracking/insurance keep this from being a realistic option. However, you are only stuck with the shipping cost once; if you order more than one of the volumes the shipping stays the same. 

What you are getting for that price is a one of kind book, because I certainly don’t have any plans to print and sell this commercially. Also, you will receive a piece of signed artwork from series from one of the thumb nailed pages or a series of panels from one of the pencil roughs. While I won’t guarantee you can pick whatever page you desire, I will try and give you options. And when the original art goes on sale, if you have purchased one of the volumes you will always get a 15% discount on anything you might be interested in. 

So if any of you are interested in having any of the Mad Mummy Exclusive Trade Paperback editions, send me an email and reserve your copy today. I am planning on having the books ready to ship to any who are interested by the end of May, 2017.

This should give you an idea of contents of the first volume. A similar preview for volumes two and three will be posted soon.

All in all lots of thrills, chills, and laughs. So if you are enjoying the series on Vozcomix or through Comics Plus, here’s your chance to have your own hard copy. The order goes in late in April, so don’t delay if you have any interest.  Contact me:VOZART@GTE.NET 

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