Saturday, January 12, 2013

Domino Diaries 4

One of the things that used to bug me when I was drawing comics was writers who would change settings from frame to frame while telling a story. I tend to take the more cinematic approach of needing transitions from scene to scene. So if you can help it, try not to open a scene in the middle of a page, or worse yet, in the right hand frame of a tier. Maybe it's obsessive, but then I'm the guy who wanted justified margins in my fanzines as a kid.

Adding the extra two pages to this chapter gave me the chance to break the scenes up into two four page segments, with the second one starting on this page.

For the establishing shot, I had to add an inch or so in height to make it fit the new layout. Then I also changed the shot of the thugs outside the building to a closer view of them, which fits in my story a little better. The rest of the page I left alone.

On page six I added a large to give a better look at the atmosphere of the room, and also to play out the action a bit more. I did redo the shot of Parker getting hit with the bottle, but decided I actually liked the original better. But I did change the shot of the girl's shoe, since it is a storytelling point later in the tale.

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  1. It's great to see into how you set these things up. I agree that hit's visually more graceful to have the transitions!