Thursday, January 17, 2013

Domino Diaries 5

If I haven't mentioned it by now, the inspiration for Domino was Marlene Deitrich. Next time I'll talk a bit about the two big films she made with Gary Cooper. 

Below is the original version of the first chapter of All Roads Lead to Rome. Beneath the pencils following that is the revised and lengthened chapter.  Bob Peak once gave a demonstration to a class where he did a beautiful little drawing, and then proceeded to tear it up in front of the group. "If you're not willing to do that to your work, you can get better." Sometimes you just have to make changes.

Below are a few of the pencilled frames in this section. On the first one, I chose the drawing on the left because it told the story better, and was certainly more interesting.

Next it's on to chapter two where thankfully the changes were nowhere near as extensive. 

On a side note, both the Retrowood and Lori Lovecraft books are now available online through Comixology and Comicsplus. We managed to turn at #2 in China and #10 in Spain the first week of the listings. I'm not sure what that means, but it was great to hear.

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