Saturday, June 29, 2013


 One of my all time favorite jobs was working on the Chronicles of Narnia movies. The material was first rate, the people I worked with were wonderful, I made a lot of money, and they sent me to New Zealand, Prague and Century City in the process.
(Sometimes if something doesn't work, you just scrap it.)

Here are a few images I pulled out to post today from that series. I always worked on typewriter bond paper and I think by the time I was done with the films I had a stack of drawings almost as high as I am. The black and white images are from a section I was very proud of.

Working in color was something I rarely did when storyboarding, but in this case I had plenty of time on my hands and thought I'd show off a bit. Mostly I was probably just trying to annoy my "aviary" partner,  Rico. (In the Aukland studio we were working at, our space was a loft area with open beams and chicken wire for walls). Rico liked to tell people I did boards the "old-fashioned" way; I had to remind him that I was using photoshop when he was in middle school. The watercolor boards were an example of our friendly competition: Hey! Look at this, kid!

Next time a look at the three covers for the new Retrowood graphic novel: All Roads Lead to Rome.

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  1. Exceedingly neat. I've got the threee Narnia movies in the short stack to be viewed. I got the first one, but lost energy for the last two. I've seen Caspian on TV, but I've yet to see Dawn Treader. These drawings will add to the pleasure. Thanks.

    Rip Off