Friday, July 5, 2013


(When I worked on Tales From the Crypt they invariably covered up my I find I am doing the same thing)

In the week I've finally finished the last of the work on the new Retrowood graphic novel All Roads Lead to Rome. It will be available on line soon through Asylum Press. The story is sixty four pages long (eight chapters at eight pages each) and will be printed first as a series of three issues. The first issue will contain the first two chapters and some of the material I've run here on the Domino Diaries about my working process. That issue will be offered free as a preview. The story will be also be offered as a graphic novel later in the year. I haven't decided whether I'll do  limited print run of the book as I did with the first one.. And of course, you'll be getting updates on all of this on this blog.

For a lagniappe here are a couple of other color pieces I've done recently. One is a pinup for Ian Nichols print book Hellena. You can learn more about Ian and his work at:
The other was a birthday card commission. Both were loads of fun...and so much easier than the Retrowood covers.
 Next time I demonstration on storyboarding for a 50 Cent video I worked on a few years back.


  1. Brilliant stuff Mike. I'd love a _physical_ copy but if not, I shall go virtual and miss the sensual nature of the feel and smell of comics! Anyway thanks for my education - never in my 50 something years heard the word 'lagniappe'!

  2. Hey Norman, You just didn't eat enough Creole food. I also think it's referred to as the thirteenth donut.