Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Few of My Favorites

First things first. Here are a couple of links to the press release regarding Lori Lovecraft appearing under the Asylum Press imprint. It's great to be working with publisher Frank Forte. For those loyal Lori readers who have been around for years, unfortunately, this material is not new to you, just to most of the world who haven't seen the strip. Thanks for all your support.

Here are a few of my favorite illustrations I've done over the years. They all feature my favorite movies, my favorite actors, and my favorite cats. What else is there. If you were expecting superheroes, you're out of luck.

(What a face this woman has...tried a little Coles Phillips technique.)

(Bob Hope never failed to make me laugh...and Paulette Goddard was always fun to watch.)

(The great voice, Ronald Coleman as Bulldog Drummon with Warner Oland (Charlie Chan) as the villain.)

(Here's a self portrait of me with Shakira.)

(Catherine Zeta-Jones with Repo who's just finished lunch.)

(Never get tired of the Maltese Falcon.)

(Nicole Kidmann with Repo and her momma, Miz Maw enjoying a snack.)

(Ralph Fiennes on a Robert Fawcett street.)

(Zhang Ziyi taking a break.)

(I almost forgot to add Alfred...did he ever make a movie I didn't like.)

And just to have something new to look at here's a few frames from an assignment I had a few years back called Beheading Bhudda. Don't know if it went anyplace or not, but it was sure fun to do.

Next time updates on Retrowood, All Roads Lead to Rome and a quick preview of my new strip, The Mad Mummy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Mike - gorgeous as ever. Re: Hitchcock, I've found as time passes that his stories are so memorable but the artifice of his filmmaking actually NOW hampers my enjoyment a tad. BUT they are still head and shoulders above some of the 'comic' stories that I forget minutes after finishing the DVD!