Monday, May 11, 2015


One of the highlights of late spring in LA is the fabulous Turkish Delights drawing workshop. It's a late  night creative venue (9 pm - 2 am) featuring multiple male and female models on several stages for life drawing with intermittent performances by numerous belly dancers and musicians. All of this in a carefully crafted environment of flowers and drapery with Middle Eastern food, drinks and even hookahs. great fun for all of us artists and the many onlookers who wander in. These gathering are done semi-annually and are always a great treat for our drawing crowd.

(Sometimes you just have to draw what's in front of you...)

(This was a painting inspired by a previous Turkish Delights event.)

This event is produced by jennifer Fabos, who has been one of the best models we've been blessed with in the LA area for a number of years. This woman not only schedules any number of drawing events on a weekly basis, but has been instrumental in organizing the models and providing a stronger and more professional working environment for both them and their artist counterparts. Beauty, brains, talent and a wonderful person to know and work with!
(More on Jen at

(Some drawings of Jennifer from a 2001 sketchbook.)

Here are couple of the inked pages from Mad Mummy #7. Still a bit of pencil shading to add in a couple of spots and then only to coloring process. Check out the issues available now on iVerse/ComicsPlus  (

(These are a couple of commissions for my agent.)

See you in a week or so. Best,


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