Friday, May 1, 2015

UPDATE 5/1/15

Another recreation of the She-Hulk covers.
IT’S A BACKWARDS DAY!  That’s a math joke that will drive my wife crazy.

Since there is a new Avengers movie opening today I thought I’d do my part for promotion and post a storyboard sequence for one of the Hulk cartoons I did a couple of years back. This one features his cousin, Jen Walters- the She-Hulk, and I had a great time working this one out. Understandably, I was inspired by Marlene Deitrich’s reveal in the classic Blond Venus. (This one is worth watching on YouTube: 

And here are a couple of commissions that went out in the last week. One is Hawk from GI Joe, and the other is the illustration I did of Deborah Kerr in the classic creepy film, The Innocents. Another one worth tracking down if you haven’t seen it.

Next time some of the finishes from Mad Mummy #7 which I am now in the process of inking. Make sure you check out the earlier books either on iVerse (  or Comixology (




  1. Did you do those for the 90's Hulk cartoon? Cause I totally want to track that down and see it now!

  2. Hey Nathan, these are actually from the current "Hulk" cartoons that Marvel is doing. Not sure who carries I've never seen any of the finished ones. Best, Mike