Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mad Mummy Premier Approaching

Here are some of the finished colored pages from the first issue of The Mad Mummy. Work continues to roll on with the project. I now have the first issue inked and colored and will be starting the lettering next week. I also have the first four issues pencilled, some pages of which appear below. This one is more of a flashback sword and sorcery story and great fun to do.


I'm hoping to have the first issue available digitally from Iverse and Comixology by the end of February. And I'm also pleased to announce that Ian Nichols has taken open the editorial duties. Thanks Ian, I really appreciate your help with this.

Last Friday was the opening of an art show which featured a number of pieces from my art collection as well as a selection of work by other artists. I had a great time and got to meet Syd Mead. I even had a Titanic moment. A couple of folks who had worked at Disney, Rick Law and Mindy Johnson, commented on a Jon Whitcomb drawing of Alice in Wonderland that was in the show. "You do know that is Kathy Beaumont and she lives just down the street."  Mindy put in a call to Kathy to tell her the news.  Apparently Kathy, who was the model for Alice and the voice of Wendy in Peter Pan, was a big fan of Whitcomb's work, but had no idea he had done of drawing of her. I'm looking forward to meeting her; I have lots of questions.

(Kathryn Beaumont as Alice and below a recent photo.)

Here is link to an article by the great Disney artist Floyd Norman about the piece:

And here are a couple of links to some of the photos from the show:

And of course the show itself is up for another month if you are in the LA area.

Collectors Corner
Jan 24-Feb 23, 2014

  • Show Title:
    The Collectors Corner
  • Artist:
    On loan from Private Collectors
  • View Artwork:
    Only available in Gallery
  • Show Schedule:
    Opening Reception Jan 24, 7:00-10:00
  • Date and Time:
    Jan 24 - Feb 23, 2014
The new gallery @CSG in Burbank is proud to debut their second edition of “The Collectors Corner” this month. On loan from private collectors the show includes original artwork created by such legendary powerhouses as Robert Fawcett, Oliver Hurst, Bernie Fuchs and Robert McGinnis. All artwork is on loan from the private collections of Emmy Award winning storyboard and comic artist  Mike Vosburg, filmmaker and feature film animator Joe Haidar, feature film animator Jim Baker and The Goldberg Collection.
Center Stage Gallery presented by the Creative Talent Network is carrying on the tradition of putting the talent center stage and is proud to present this second showing of “The Collectors Corner”. A rotating show of private collections filled with inspiration and a must see for any artist or collector.
For more information please go to, email us at, or
call 818-259-1598.

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