Sunday, August 4, 2013


Less talk and more art this week. Here is a peek at some of the promotional pieces I've been working on in the development of my new Mad Mummy strip.

Adam Ray (formerly known as Aten Ra) is an ancient Egyptian high priest who has been condemned to endless life for his part in accepting the heresy of the Pharoah Akhenaten. One of Aten Ra's judges is his  high priestess wife Ankhesenamun. We all make mistakes; Aten Ra's was letting himself be seduced by Akhenaten's beautiful wife Nefertiti who needed the high priest's aid in legitimizing her husband's new religion.

It's 3300 years later. Adam Ray has seen a lot of water go under the bridge in his endless wanderings. Alexander's conquest of his homeland....the whole Cleopatra debacle...the Crusades...the rediscovery of his ancient culture in modern times...and now the entire Middle East conflict. Growing tired of it all he's moved to a suburb of Los Angeles where he had worked at times as a stuntman in the horror film industry. To pay the rent, he occasionally consults with museums on Egyptian culture.

All he wants is a little piece and quiet in his sleepy neighborhood. Then he discovers that the reincarnation of his wife Ankhesenamun is living in the same city. And to make matters worse, Nefertiti has also been reincarnated and is living practically next door. Sometimes you just can't get away from your past.

Below are the thumbnail drawings for the first issue. The multi-talented Anthony Diecidue will be aiding his abilities as the librettist on the series. It was his suggestion to lay the pages on their sides to fit the digital format. These young guys and their new ideas. Look for us soon from Asylum Press.

Oh yeah, don't let me forget that he has a pet cat, the scraggly Mr. Ard. 

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