Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Vosburg Sisters

The bad news was that I turned sixty five this week. The good news was that I got two fabulous handcrafted birthday cards from my wonderful sisters Mary and Sue.

While I make a decent living using my art skills in the professional world, my sisters have always been much better at using their talents to adorn their homes and the many social events in their daily lives. They are true artists. And there is a plethora of exquisitely made photographic journals of their travels, tapestries and needlepoint cushions, fairy queen dolls and so many way they have decorated our families' lives.

To paraphrase my loving father:"The best birthday gift I can have is to know you're in my life."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Voodoo Mansion

What I've discovered about jobs over the years is that the more they pay you, the less they actually expect you to do. Working at HBO Animation was one of those jobs for me. So to fill up the extra time I started doodling a couple characters in my sketchbooks that I called Horatio and Zelda…and this eventually developed into Voodoo Mansion. As a long time fan of the horror and mystery short story, I wanted to do something along those lines. I also loved the concept of The Spirit, where the secondary characters were often the main thrust of the story. I wrote the first story (which is on our blog today) and then turned the scripting chores over to my partner Pete Ventrella.

This series really was fun. As I mentioned in a couple of places, I used the rougher, more spontaneous style that I used for storyboarding, working only with markers and rollerball pens.  I was always happy with the results. While I've never had much ambition to do further stories with Lori Lovecraft, Voodoo Mansion is a place I'd always consider returning to.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lori in Living Color - Part III

Hey Lori fans, here's the last segment of Into the Past - Part I. Originally, this story was done as a stand-alone tale, but we expanded it to a second part when we were doing Lori comics, and expanded it a second time and added a wraparound sequence, the entirety of which become the Lori epic printed in the My Black Pages trade paperback.

Next week - the full color version of the first Voodoo Mansion story that was the backup feature in the original comic!