Monday, May 19, 2014


It's been pretty busy lately trying to keep up with my Mad Mummy comicstrip. The first issue should be available on iVerse/ComicsPlus very soon once Apple approves the content. They are also releasing the first Retrowood trade paperback this month as well as AV Publishing free preview book. Hopefully I'll have a link on this to pass on soon.

Below is a piece I did for the Stan Sakai Benefit Auction. I wish I had a link to send you to for all this might just check on e-bay.

Here's a story a did three or four years ago that never got published...that's the problem when you do things for free. At any rate, it was a fun exercise, and fairly pun intended.

I've also been doing a good bit of painting lately...just because. At the top of the page is a candid shot of Boris Karloff and Warner Oland on the set of Charlie Chan at the Opera. 
The Lady GaGa visiting Robert Fawcett's studio I started a while bit...finally got it finished. The Gary Cooper pieces are a Retrowood pinup (based on Gary and Barbara Stanwyck from Ball of Fire),and an illustration of Cooper and his early heartthrob, Lupe Valez.