Saturday, January 16, 2016

UPDATE 1/16/16

This will be my last blog entry on Vozwords for a while, but have no fear- I’m not leaving….just moving to a different location. Starting Thursday, January 21, 2016 I will be starting a weekly blog called Vozcomix. The subject matter, as you can guess,  will be serializations of all the creator owned material that I have worked on over the years. The initial entry will be the start of the very first Lori Lovecraft story, My Favorite Readhead. All the stories will be archived, so if you miss one of the weekly entries, you can always read any of them at a later date. So be with us this Thursday, at

 Here are some of the latest things I’ve been working on these days. The latest issue of The Mad Mummy will feature a couple of whimsical space aliens as the “villains”. They were inspired by my niece and nephew who put up with my drawing eccentricities. Here are a couple of preview pages from the upcoming issue.

Beautiful and dynamic figure models for the workshops I attend have always been a blessing. The painting below were either from life drawings I did or from photo sessions with the models. They are always inspiring. 

My other focus these days is doing commissions for clients. The She Hulk is for Shaun Clancy, who’s good will has kept me busy on any number of recreations of covers that I did back in my comics days…but Shaun hasn’t made it easy- he always wants them in full color. The Baroness is one of a series of pinups I’m working on at the present just to sharpen my black and white design skills. The sherlock Holmes was my homage to Robert Fawcett's treatment of the character...and I got paid! The tales cover was something I did years ago when William Gaines visited the set of the HBO series. Unfortunately, I wasn't there that day so I didn't get to meet him, but he was presented with the art. 

Dashiell Hammett has always been on of my favorite writers, especially the Maltese Falcon- both the book and the film versions. I’ve always wanted to do a graphic novel that was a sequel to book. At this point it’s still an outline and the teaser art…but maybe I’ll get to it someday soon.

So we’ll see you next at, where it will be less talk and more art. Here are a preview of some of the series that you’ll be able to see over the comic months.


Mike Vosburg