Saturday, September 10, 2011


Here is a link to a remarkable motion comic I worked on about a miraculous story of courage and
selflessness that took place during the World Trade Center bombings. And since the video is
devoid of any political overtones, I'll refrain my own tirades on this subject.

 The people that I worked with on this project, Chris Commons and Tyrrell Shaffner were excellent
 to work with, which is always the most important thing in job evaluation.

While the money looked good to begin with, I learned that drawings seem to explode exponentially
when working on a motion comic. A word of warning to anyone who takes one on of these. It's the
first job I've had in a long while where the work truly overwhelmed me.


  1. Superb work, Mike. Truly realistic portrayal of real people saving lives. Very remarkable project. Kudos to all of you and thanks.

  2. With motion comics, I find that the producer always needs that extra angle drawn. Always something more added on. This is great work and all the effort was worth it!