Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Workspace

Here are a few photos of my new workplace.  I finally got rid of the oversized drawing table that took up too much space with both its top and its base. I've learned over the years that I basically need only enough space for whatever I'm drawing on on a tilt, and the rest I can use as flat surface for reference. So I designed what I thought would be a more concise use of the space and had my contractor come in and build the unit for me. So far, I'm really happy with the new set up. And my assistant can work at the Cintiq and take a deep breath without fear or bumping into my flat file cabinet.

I've also started working with a swing arm on my Cintiq instead of the desk pedestal that it came with. it offers certain advantages, but even after adjusting to the maximum, I still have a certain amount of jiggling when there is contact with the screen. But then, that's one more reason why I still try and do the majority of the work on paper and scan it in to finish in Photoshop.

As you can see with these photos I've learned over the years to have someone else do the work. I had this brought home when  building the rock wall in my backyard (whose sole purpose is to prevent the ball from rolling down the hill when I'm out shooting baskets) and Annie supervised. I've learned to use many of her techniques when dealing with my own assistant, Mitchell.

What do the Cisco Kid and Lori Lovecraft have in common? They were both entertainments produced in color and presented in black and white. Yes, the Cisco Kid TV show with Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carillo was shot on color film, but aired long before there was color TV. And two of my Lori Lovecraft comics I did in full color in Photoshop but because of production costs were only printed in black and white. But coming soon to this blog will be the first showing of those comics in living color! Don't miss it!


  1. Those colors look great (especially the cats! :p

  2. Mike, what are the black and white drawings/comic strips on the wall? You should know us fanboys want to know everything!

  3. Hanging above my desk I have a Kubert Hawkman page, a Leonard Starr On Stage Sunday, an Alex Toth Time Master, a Hank Ketchum Dennis pencil (a gift from the master) and three Robert Fawcett illustrations. The rest are all things I've done.

  4. Thanks I'll just go and wipe the dribbling saliva from my face!

  5. Hahaha! thats pretty cool! nice pictures! Need some help with your yard? I need the exercise!