Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here's a preview of the story Resurrection in our first issue of the Mad Mummy. There are a few bells and whistles to add, but I'm hoping to launch the premier probably in early April. Scheduling is being worked out with Iverse now, and Frank Forte's Asylum Press will be releasing the book through Comixology soon after.

Resurrection introduces several of the mail characters and establishes the relationship between Aten Ra, the defrocked high priest who is doomed to wander the earth for eternity and the reincarnation of his estranged wife, Ankhesenamun.  And of course there is a cat,the scraggy Mr. Ard...or Bast if you want to call him by his formal name.

 The other pages are from the second story, She Who Walks in Beauty which introduces another woman from Aten Ra's past, Nefertiti. One of the things I've been experimenting with in this series is incorporating photographic images in the background. Of course, the trick is to keep them from looking like a photo used next to line art. I'm sure I'll play around more with this page before it sees print.

And Editor Ian Nichols has weighed in with a couple of drawings: one is his version of the Mad Mummy, and also there is an ad for Helena, his new print book. Make sure you check this out. Welcome aboard, Ian, and thanks for all the help.

OOPS!  Almost forgot...I'll be a guest at the San Fernando Valley Comicbook Convention on Sunday March 16th. If you are in the area, definitely stop on by and say hello.


  1. That art looks gorgeous! Sounds like a great series. I'm looking forward to reading it!!

  2. Thanks, Groovy! Always good to hear from one of comic's premier bloggers.

  3. Can you tell us something about the page shape you're using Mike. Is this created for the screen ONLY and not a comic print page? How are you finding that?

  4. Page shape works better for the screen...I'll worry about how it prints when that issue arises. There are storytelling issues that I run can't use a long vertical frame on the right side...stuff like that. But, you adjust.