Tuesday, August 12, 2014


(Here's the cover for the third issue of Mad Mummy which heads out to iVerse later this week.)

Just got back from a quick  weekend trip I took to Michigan to visit my two sisters. I also saw a few old friends and drove by the house my parents lived in. So much changes, so much remains the same.

I did do a LOT of sketching. I usually pack three different pads. One is about 3” x 4.5 and I keep it in a pocket when I’m out walking and I see something of interest. I also keep a 5” x 7”  book in my car; whenever I have a trip to the doctor or know I’m going to be waiting a bit, I pull it out and doodle away. I also take my formal sketchbook that 11” x 14” that I take to life drawing class. Whatever sketches I do in class I tend to enhance with other drawings that turn them into more complicated compositions. Sometimes it’s a bit of landscape, roughs for planned illustrations, or just doing copies of photos or illustrations that have caught my eye. 

Oftentimes I will hear from folks, many times other artists, that they wished they had more time to draw. Like anything else, you have to find the time, of which there is rarely a shortage, and do the work. It’s all about love and practice. Of course, I’m fortunate enough that I don’t have a “smart” phone to continually distract me so I can use all that spare time to draw and record.

(Here is the frontpiece for issue 4 of Mad Mummy...
you can see the little rough I used to plan it out above.)

The first two issues of the books are available through iVerse/ComicsPlus at:
Then type in AV Publishing or Mad Mummy in the SEARCH button.

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  1. These really are stunning, Mike. There's something about illustrative work that I have always admired: the dynamic action captured in a still piece and latent energy trapped in the form, the tight measure of line, not describing too much but just giving enough, and the precision that grants us familiarity but at the same time shows what can be possible..