Saturday, February 21, 2015


When I was an young and ignorant wannabe cartoonist long before I discovered illustrators,  I knew who Bob Peak was. His drawings on My Fair Lady, Camelot, and numerous other movie posters and TV Guide covers were things that I had seen…and they impressed me tremendously. 

As I learned a bit more about art and the wonderful talents that worked in the field of illustration, Bob Peak still remained one of the giants for me. The sublime designs and the his spontaneous approach to the drawings display a facility with the work that never fails to amaze me.

His son Tom has already one produced one must have book on his father’s work: The Art of Bob Peak. (If you don’t have this one, visit immediately and pick it up. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.) 

Now Tom has a Kickstarter campaign to produce another book: The Drawings of Bob Peak. As you look as the examples I’ve posted from my tear sheet collection, you can see that this is another “don’t miss” opportunity. (And I say this from experience. To this day I still mourn the Japanese edition of a collection of Bob Peak’s drawings that I’ve never been able to find or replace.) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to upload the Tom's video for the campaign, but it is available at:
Good luck,Tom! Time is precious on this one…the campaign end in another couple days. And if you really want to make an impression, there is a tier where you can actually own an original Bob Peak drawing.



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