Monday, March 7, 2016

Micheluzzi etc.

(Here's a peek at a page from Mad Mummy 10. Don't foget to check our sister blog:
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One of the world's great cartoonists who left us too early was Attilio Micheluzzi. His work always reminds me a bit of Alex Toth at  his best: scintillating acting, unique and captivating layouts, and a dynamic use of black. Of course, both of them were drawn to flying and stories of the thirties. Here's a little gem I acquired recently that I had to share, one of Micheluzzi's Petra Cherie stories about a female spy in WWI.

For more on Micheluzzi:

The last few weeks whatever time I've had while not working on the latest Mad Mummy stories I've been painting and doing commissions. Below is an illustration of one of my favorite models, Sara Streeter in a very Whistleresque picture.  A model who always understands the drama of the pose.

The others are comics commissions, and a painting I did of my friend Sarah Berry who posts a fountain of information on film and illustration on Facebook. As I commented to her, never pass up a chance to paint a beautiful model.

(Two Catwoman pinups I did recently of Julie Newmar...did one and I liked it so well I had to try another)

Best, Mike

Mad Mummy keeps moving along. These are a couple of pages from #10 sans lettering. check out Comics Plus or Comixology for back issues;. 

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